Voting Rights: America’s First Expansion of Voting Rights

by Derrick Dyess The United States was founded on the ideas of justice, fairness, and to be a government of the people, and for the people. That of course sounds to make solid sense as the United States was formed and continue to operate with a sense of democratic purpose. However voting rights were notContinue reading “Voting Rights: America’s First Expansion of Voting Rights”

Lowering the Voting Age in the United States

By Derrick Dyess, President/CEO, Promote the Vote Over the history of the United States, more Americans won the right to vote, and the age when they were allowed to vote was lowered over time.  Prior to the Civil War, there were no federal laws requiring an age to vote. Shortly after the Civil War, inContinue reading “Lowering the Voting Age in the United States”

The Growing Impact of Young Voters

By Douglas Bristol, Jr. As a Board member of Promote the Vote and as a historian, the groundbreaking voter turnout in the 2020 presidential election fascinates me.  Americans voted in historic numbers—despite the Covid-19 pandemic—and young adults drove this change.  We are, for reasons I explain below, looking at the future of American politics.  IfContinue reading “The Growing Impact of Young Voters”

Top 5 Reasons People Do Not Vote

The 2020 Presidential Election had the highest voter turnout in U.S. history, but even with this historic voter turnout, only 66.7% of eligible voters cast a ballot. Out of the 239 million eligible voters, only 159 million votes were cast. That means 80 million voters chose not to participate in this election cycle. So why do so many Americans choose to not vote?